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The gameplay, as stated before, is somewhat repetitive, though the controls are rather interesting.

Also, like juwambo said earlier, the way the final word in the ending message changes color (as if to emphasize what we've done) is rather...

Unsettling, open ending or not.


Probably best atmosphere in jam but gameplay is little boring I guess.

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I think having a little mechanic on the game and just evading gives a little and repetitive experience, we'll do our best to make the game more fun in the future release! Thanks for trying out the game :)


SPOILERS: Did I just kill Millie??? Forever?

It's an open ended ending! It's up to the player to decide what happened to Millie at the ending. ;)

but we're revamping some of the story in our future release, stay tuned!


Very fun time, nice game. Pleasant music and cute atmosphere. 

Thanks for the response Zally! glad you had fun :)

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Nice game (sorry for my broken English)

Thanks, and it's alright! English isn't my main language too. :) Cheers!